When I first met my partner he told me over and over how amazing Snowdonia is. I had seen pictures and wondered how I could possibly disagree. It looked like a stunning part of the world. One Friday night we decided we would visit the next day. I knew we would be walking Mount Snowdon so I started to prepare myself for the day ahead of me.

On Saturday morning we made a packed lunch, put on some comfy clothes and trainers and off we went. It was over a 3 hour drive and towards the end of the drive I was in such awe of what I saw. Driving through such beautiful, green and rocky surroundings I found it hard to keep my eyes on the road. We stopped to get out and take in the views a few times and by the time we had arrived in the town of Llanberis it was past lunchtime.

Being the type of people we are we just had to take the rest of that day to absorb the pure beauty that surrounded us so we decided to stay the night. We went to a place called The Heights for some good food and a drink and lucky for us they had room in their bunkhouse. They even lent us a couple of sleeping bags!

Part of the beauty of Snowdonia is it’s lakes. Whilst staying in Llanberis you can take an evening walk around Lake Padam and soak in the peace that surrounds you. I truly have never seen a more beautiful sight in my life than the sun setting through the mountains and the huge glow that reflected from the lake.

View through the trees beside the lake. Completely unedited.

The next day we were up early to get a good cooked breakfast and then rent a kayak each from Snowdonia Watersports so we could get out on the lake. We also borrowed some wetsuits so we could swim as well! It was such a fun way to start the day and it really got the blood pumping for the big walk ahead of us.

I can’t remember how long the walk took us because to be honest I just didn’t care! It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t gruelling and when we got to the top everyone had just left on the last train down. For a short time we had the peak of Mount Snowdon to ourselves and it was glorious. We took some time to reflect on a walk up. we could see the lakes we had passed and the rocky climb we had taken up and just then a sense of serenity came over us.

The walk down was quick and bumpy and by the time we reached the end it was dusk so we began to make our way back home.

I would definitely recommend staying the night if you ever choose to visit Snowdonia. Its such a huge place and there is so much to discover. I am definitely due another visit but it will be somewhere new this time. I suppose you’ll just have to watch this space.

Yours, M

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