The Self-Love Files: Self-Love Tip #2

Sometimes doing something so simple can be such an effective way of keeping ourselves grounded and bringing positivity into our lives. This tip for self-love is so easy to fit into the daily routine and anyone who tries it will reap the benefits.

Self-love Tip #2: Walk.

By now, you’ll probably know that physical activity is proven to cause a release of chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins react with receptors in the brain making us feel generally happier.

Photo by Louis from Pexels

Walking is the simplest and most achievable form of physical activity. Anyone who can take just 30 minutes out of their day to get outside for a good stroll will certainly notice the difference in their mental and physical wellbeing over time.

Being outside and surrounded by nature can be a wonderful way to practice mindfulness. As you walk, notice the sounds of the birds, the smell of the greenery, the feel of the gentle breeze across your face. Notice the way your feet touch the ground with every step you take and how the cool air feels as it fills your chest. You’ll return home feeling grounded and relaxed with a more positive outlook.

Photo by Efdal YILDIZ from Pexels

When we show our mind’s and body’s love, they truly thank us for it. Physical activity is a great way to take our negative energy and turn it into something brighter. The endorphins released can reduce stress as well as feelings of anxiety and depression. You’ll feel better about your self and it’s very likely you’ll have a better night’s sleep afterwards.

What a wonderful way to show yourself some love, right?

Yours, M.


    1. I use a fabulous website called Pexels. It’s a great way to give photographers a little more exposure. If you follow the link in the caption you can see more of their beautiful work!


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